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Neetai Tech Accounting Software Surat

Neetai Tech Accounting Software Surat

If you own and run a business accounting has always been a very important yet very tiresome work as a part of it. Any mistakes there and you may lose a good fortune.

There can even be legal issues if you mess up the taxes. Do you relate with the above situations? If you are here your answer is probably yes.

Neetai Tech is the ultimate solution for you. We provide the best accounting software in Surat. This is your getaway for the most hassle-free accounting solutions.

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Why Should You Buy Our Accounting Software?

Accounting software is a software that enables you to maintain your accounts online. As these are computerized means of accounting, it makes it easier, faster and gives accurate results.

Traditional accounting systems do not provide the same level of accuracy as they are done manually.

1. Customized as per Your Needs

Our software will be customized as per your needs and demands. At Neetai Tech you will get the final product which suits your business the best. Constant guidance and support are provided at every level to make sure that you get most out of our product.

2. Leads are Captured Directly from the Online Sources

Our software captures every lead you get from your online sources like emails and websites. It will keep the leads ready for your person to work on and you will never miss a lead again.

3. Tracking Your Order Becomes Hassle-Free

With our accounting software, you can now track your orders and make sure that your orders are delivered on time. You can also keep a check on the payment progress with our software.

4. Customized Invoices

Now you can customize your invoices with your logo and taglines with this software. It makes your business look professional and leaves a perfect impression on your clients.

5. Conversion from Foreign Currency to Rupee Made Easy

Our software can convert invoices received in foreign currencies into rupees very conveniently. You don’t have to worry about the accuracy anymore.

6. Import from Excel and Tally Made Easier

You can now import your data from excel and tally very easily and add them to your accounting database. Our software has a very simple import system which makes the transfer easy.

7. Multi-user Access Controlled by an Admin

Our software can be accessed by many users at the same time; their activities can be tracked by an admin all the time. This makes it easier as many people can work on it while being supervised.

8. Connected to your Phone

It allows you to view reports on your phone. This makes it very accessible and easy to use. Now you don’t have to worry to get to your office to check the reports.

9. Secure Backup Online

Problems may occur anytime and we should be prepared all the time. Our software allows you to backup all the data very securely online for emergency times. It makes sure that the data is encrypted and stores it online securely.

10. Day End Report

The software gives you a daily report at the end of the day through SMS and email. This makes it very easy for you to keep a check on your accounts in just a glance.

There are many more benefits of this software. It will make your accounting easy and simple. Neetai Tech is one of the best accounting software company in Surat.

Let’s have a look at the kind of businesses that we provide our services for accounting software in Surat.

Neetai Tech’s Account Software helps different business in Surat, like:

Retailers: Our software provides the best retailing services. Through this software, retailers can not only manage their accounts but also take advantages of GST.

Textiles: As we know that Surat has the largest textile market in the state, we have the best textile accounting software in Surat. We try to change and upgrade our software from time to time to provide the best services to our customers

Power Looms: Power looms are another large sector of the business industry in Surat. We have a completely computerized weaving management software which makes it very easy to manage your production, warehouses, contracts, stock etc. on track.

Embroidery: Embroidery market also needs good assistance in finances and accounting and thus we provide the best accounting software solutions for embroidery businesses in Surat.

Pharmacy Stores: With the introduction of GST, we know that it will have a huge impact on the Health and Care sector of the financial body including the Pharma section. Our software provides the best advantages of GST and makes accounting hassle-free.

Yarn Dealers: Yarn Businesses accounts for a huge part of trade and commerce in Surat. We at Neetai Tech provide services of management right from the purchasing yarn, processing and the sell of the same.

Chemical Industries: Chemical sector is a huge side of the businesses and it always makes it easier to manage when the accounting is done right. With our software not only will the chemical industries be able to manage their accounts but also manage GST related procedures.

Other Businesses: Above were some of the most common businesses we deal with but we also have happy clients in several other sectors like repairing, internet businesses etc.

We at Neetai Tech, provide the best accounting software in Surat. Now you can manage your accounts from anywhere Hassle-free.

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