Static Website contains the number of web pages with fixed content. This means that the web page is same for every visitor. These pages contain fixed HTML code and the content does not change unless it is manually updated by our designers or webmaster.

Static sites are the most basic type of website and are built by creating a few HTML pages by our pool of creative web designers. This is useful for small websites having a short lifespan and few updates. However, for larger websites having content which needs to be updated regularly then, dynamic website with content management would be the preferred choice.

Benefits of the static website include:

  • Easier to create and host.
  • Cost for the static website is lower than a dynamic website.
  • Well suited for smaller companies that do not require regular content updates.
  • Quicker to design and build.

Our website developers at Surat and Vadodara aims at providing creative and excellent web designs with outstanding features. Websites should be created by skilled web designers so that it would attract the maximum number of customers.

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